What I love best about being positively social

I love sharing pictures of my son through social! He can make anyone smile! This is him getting ready for daycare!

Today is Positively Social day. As someone who thrives best in a positive world, I have to say I love the concept of positive vibes spread across the Internet. As someone who has worked with websites for my professional career and who most recently has become addicted to social media, I love the fact that someone has suggested the two together. Like most everything, add enough negative comments or vibes and it’s sure to turn people off so a day dedicated to only positive comments is a win for me!

I have met great people through social media. I have read tweets and thought “That’s exactly how I feel!” I have shared pictures of my children or favourite places on earth and when someone agreed, I instantly had a connection because they agreed with what I appreciate in life. I have reached out to someone who needed something positive in their life, knowing I may never meet them but could still comfort them. I have read inspirational stories through social media that I could never have found sitting at home!

Because of social media, there are no excuses to not -

  • Find something to make your day better – Need a laugh? Find a funny video!
  • Get a solution to a problem – Is it serious? Check his symptoms online before you panic.
  • Receive and give support – Has anyone ever felt this way before? I googled it and yes, they did!

Social media connects. It can help people heal like Sondria Browne who is sharing her very powerful words! It allows you to recognize great work like my friend whose philanthropy work  touches my heart. Through social, I find people like me – who are running on empty because their child is visiting their other parent for the week. I have found people from as far away as Scotland who love “my” Cape Breton! I can share my Sunday Night Blues and encourage others who may be feeling the strain – Don’t quit! If I have a bad day, I post a story about why my life is a Seinfeld episode or why I get inspiration from Calvin & Hobbes and then I move on!

From a work perspective, I am learning so much from being social! Like how companies can be human and how to be a better social multi-tasker or Internet Marketer. The online world is a free university providing everything from tips on how best to brand yourself or tell your story.

The last thing that social does, which you can never forget, is that it lives forever! I recently stumbled upon articles that I had written for Canadian Parents in 1998! The following articles were posted when I first became a single parent and how I was working to cope.

I only wish that I had continued writing in the late 90s when I wrote those articles but these were the days when people were just beginning to blog. I can still remember how much better I felt sharing them with the anonymous “world of the web.” Being social is an evolution. And if I, and others around me, can use social in a positive way, so much the better for us all! 

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